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Waterjet Cutting Services

At Copper and Brass Sales we use waterjet cutting to create complex shapes that save our customers on scrap, setup time, and reduce their run time. Waterjet cutting offers several advantages in terms of improved precision, consistent results, reduced waste, cost efficiency, design flexibility, and customer satisfaction. This technology is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and more.

Instead of sending a customer a full piece of metal such as a square or a rectangle, the waterjet tool is used to cut the metal using a high-pressure jet of water and an abrasive substance to produce a near net shape for the customer. This enables our customer to produce their end-use manufactured part a lot quicker! We can still send just the raw material, but we also specialize in providing a full solution to our customers.

Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Single Part Manufacturing 
One of the many advantages to waterjet cutting is that it’s an efficient production technology that enables us to manufacture in large quantities or even a single part for a customer. 

Tight Tolerances
Another advantage to waterjet cutting is that we can reach some of the tightest tolerances available in the industry and manufacture extremely detailed parts for our customers.

No Heat Input
The waterjet process itself does not incorporate a heat input to the cut component. By utilizing this cold cutting method, the risk of thermal distortion, warping, and damage to the material is completely eliminated. With the absence of heat-affected zones in waterjet cutting, the material's structural integrity, properties, and surface finish remain unaffected and intact. With other methods, like laser or plasma cutting, they can harden the edge causing them to be harder to machine and, in some cases, cause distortion in the part.

No Structural Changes
When waterjet cutting is utilized, there are no structural changes to the material such as increased hardness or micro fissures.

Cut Edges
There is a high degree of accuracy and surface quality at the cutting edge of all waterjet produced pieces. Customers can also define their desired cut quality. There’s more information below on that topic.

Eco Friendly
One of the great benefits to our environment is that utilizing waterjet cutting produces zero pollutants during the cutting process.

Waterjet Cutting Quality

The cut quality plays a crucial role in determining the final appearance, functionality, and overall quality of the cut materials. Choosing the right cut quality ensures that the end product meets the desired specifications. 

There are five different cut qualities available through our waterjet cutting services.

Various Waterjet Cutting Quality Options

1. Rough Cut Quality – Fastest Speed – Lowest Cost
Rough cut quality involves a quick waterjet cutting process that prioritizes speed over precision. It is an economical option suitable for projects that don't require high accuracy, such as rough shaping or materials that will undergo further processing.

Rough cut quality is often utilized in the construction industry, where speed and cost-efficiency are vital. It is ideal for cutting thick metal during the initial stages of manufacturing.

2. Medium Rough-Cut Quality – Fast Speed – Lower Cost
Medium rough-cut quality offers a balance between speed and precision. It is quicker than standard cut quality and more cost-effective while still providing a reasonable level of accuracy from the waterjet.

Medium rough-cut quality is commonly used in industries like signage, where speed and cost are essential considerations. It is appropriate for cutting non-ferrous metals where high precision is not the primary requirement.

3. Standard Cut Quality – Average Speed – Average Cost
Standard cut quality provides a balance between speed, precision, and cost. It offers an average cutting speed and cost compared to other waterjet cut qualities.

Standard cut quality is extensively used in industries like automotive, aerospace, and architecture, where accuracy is crucial. It is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials, including metals, composites, and glass.

4. High Cut Quality – Low Speed – Higher Cost
High cut quality involves a slower waterjet cutting process that achieves superior precision and accuracy. It is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail and quality.

High cut quality is essential in industries such as electronics, medical device manufacturing, or any field requiring intricate designs and tight tolerances. It is suitable for cutting delicate materials or creating complex patterns.

5. Highest Cut Quality – Lowest Speed – Highest Cost
The highest cut quality represents the pinnacle of precision, accuracy, and quality achieved through waterjet cutting. It involves meticulous attention to detail and the use of specialized techniques.

The highest cut quality is vital in industries such as aerospace, defense, or any industry that demands the utmost precision and exceptional final product quality. It is suitable for cutting materials with stringent requirements, intricate designs, or delicate components.

The advantages of the highest cut quality include unparalleled precision, exceptional detail, and the ability to achieve intricate designs. However, it is the slowest option and comes with the highest associated costs.

Tolerance Specifications

Tolerance specifications in waterjet cutting refer to the allowed variation in dimensions from the desired measurements. These specifications ensure precise and consistent cutting results. By adhering to specified tolerances, waterjet cutting consistently produces uniform results across multiple cutting jobs. These specifications contribute to cost efficiency in waterjet cutting by reducing the need for additional machining or finishing processes. Our offered tolerance specifications are as follows:

  • 0-1" (+/-.005")
  • 1-4" (+/-.010")
  • 4-6" (+/-.015")
  • 6-8" (+/-.030")
  • 8"+  (+ .125/-0")

Near Net Shapes

Utilizing near net shapes helps to reduce material weight, machining time and cost, and scrap costs. In the end, it helps to increase your profits!

When we refer to near net shapes, that means it’s an initial shape or form of a part that is produced using waterjet cutting. These near net shapes are designed to closely approximate the final desired shape and dimensions of the part, reducing the amount of material that needs to be removed through secondary machining operations.

Waterjet cutting is highly effective in producing near net shapes because of its versatility and precision.

The utilization of near net shapes in waterjet cutting has a positive impact on profitability. With reduced material waste, lower processing time, and decreased scrap costs, companies can increase their profits by optimizing resources and improving manufacturing efficiency.


  1. West/Central: Denver, Colorado: November 2022
  2. West Coast: Fresno, California: November 2022
  3. Midwest: South Bend, Indiana: December 2022
  4. North Central: Minneapolis, Minnesota: February 2024
  5. East Coast: Wallingford, Connecticut: December 2022
  6. Northwest: Portland, Oregon: January 2024
  7. Southeast: Atlanta, Georgia

Waterjet Locations on US Map

For convenience and speed, Copper and Brass Sales has waterjets installed at seven strategic locations across the United States. These state-of-the-art waterjets are aimed at delivering outstanding cutting services to meet the needs of our valued customers within their region.

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, we have implemented six brand new waterjets since 2022. This investment allows us to maximize efficiency and ensure exceptional cutting precision for your projects.

Our waterjet facilities are strategically located for optimal coverage across the nation, offering localized services to cater to your specific requirements.

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