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Value Added Processing Services

Copper and Brass Sales provides a variety of value-added processing and service capabilities that can help to reduce cycle time, inventory investment, and total cost. Each of our processes can be customized to meet the needs of your project or business.

To inquire or request the below value-added services or inquire about others, please contact us.

Common Processing Services

Custom Extrusion Programs

Our custom extrusion program allows our customers the opportunity to have mill-produced custom extrusions delivered to them just-in-time and in the quantities they need. We offer precision cutting and other services, such as tumbling, for a first-stage processing-ready piece. Copper and Brass Sales maintains relationships with the highest tier mills in the extrusion industry and our nationwide logistics system guarantees the material is at your door, when you need it most.


Save time and costs by starting your production cycle with sheets sized to your exact specifications. Copper and Brass Sales is ready to provide you with cut-to-length services you need for aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. We also offer our customers value-added flat roll processing services such as PVC and stenciling on stainless and aluminum coils and cut-to-length processing for copper and copper alloy coils. 


Being a value-added supplier to key North American industries, Copper and Brass Sales specializes in fabrication of both standard and custom components. We utilize CNC controlled equipment for punching, bending, and cutting, which aids in the assembly of parts for electrical, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. 

First Operational Blanking

Get a head start on your production process and let Copper and Brass Sales produce first operational configured blanks for you. Our coil processing facilities located in the US and Mexico which house our blanking lines are strategically placed to provide customers with carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum blanks that meet precise customer specifications. Serving multiple industries, most commonly automotive, we hold a Class I Automotive rating and go beyond industry standards. 

Precision Cutting

Copper and Brass Sales offers a wide variety of precision cutting services for RBW, sheet, and plate products in nonferrous metals. Our U.S. processing facilities are equipped with multiple shears for sheet, straight line and contour saws for plate, and cut-off saws, including high-speed Tsune saws. Our shearing center in Canada is complemented by over 10 RBW cut-off saws located at processing facilities from Vancouver to Toronto. Additionally, we offer customers value-add processing services such as: 

  • Grinding 
  • Chamfering
  • Straightening


Copper and Brass Sales is your best choice for coil processing. With nearly 30 slitting lines located in our US facilities, we can process both ferrous and nonferrous metals, while our slitting lines in our Canadian facilities focus on nonferrous materials. Additionally, our value-added coil processing services benefit workers in the electrical, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries by delivering the products they need, right to their doorstep. These services include: 

  • Annealing 
  • Re-rolling 
  • Traverse winding 
  • Edge-conditioning

Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive waterjet cutting is versatile technology which utilizes water pressure and garnet abrasive mixtures as cutting media. Waterjet cutting allows customers to receive near-net shape parts while maximizing material usage and reducing scrap. Benefits of waterjet cutting include:

  • Tighter tolerances 
  • No heat input in the component through the cutting jet 
  • No structural changes in the material, such as increased hardness and micro fissures. 
  • High machining accuracy and surface quality at the cutting edge  
  • No pollutants created during the cutting process.

Additional Services Available


  • Electrolytic passivation used to thicken the natural oxide layer on metal parts.


  • Shaping various materials to meet range of customer needs.

Blanchard Grinding 

  • Precision grinding on large surface of plate.


  • Cutting holes in large diameter bars without leaving solid drops.

Centerless Grinding 

  • Removing material from the outside diameter of round bars to improve surface quality.


  • Grinding the ends of bars to improve performance in automatically fed turning machines.

Circle Saw Cutting 

  • Cutting rings or circles out of plate that meet customer requirements.

CNC Machining – Router 

  • Using a computer-controlled device to cut material of varying shapes/sizes.

Contour Saw Shapes 

  • Using a contour saw to make shapes from plates to meet customer requirements.


  • Removing burrs and sharp corners from pieces that were cut.

Double Disc Grinding 

  • Simultaneously grinding two sides of plate. 


  • Drilling holes into material of various sizes and lengths.

Heat Treat/Annealing

  • Applying heat to metal in order to alter physical or mechanical properties. 


  • Precision machining the internal diameter of tube or pipe to produce tight tolerances. 

Miter Cutting

  • Cutting angles in plate to meet customer specifications. 


  • Adding an outer coating to metal for corrosion prevention/enhanced appearance. 


  • Smoothing and/or refining the surface of a material.

Precision Saw

  • Cutting materials with tight tolerances to meet customer requirements. 

Precision Shear

  • Mechanically cutting sheet to a customer specified size.

PVC Application

  • Process of applying PVC to the top and/or bottom of sheet.


  • Rolling metal to reduce and unify the thickness of material into different shapes, including rings or ring segments.


  • Boring out the internal diameter of large diameter round bar, leaving a usable core intact.

Tsune Saw

  • Using high speed bar sawing to meet tight tolerances.


  • Deburring/polishing small parts in bulk using abrasives and rotation/vibrating motion in a barrel.

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