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Cut-to-Length Services

At Copper and Brass Sales, we take pride in providing extensive cut-to-length services to our customers from across the US. With a strong focus on efficiency and accuracy, we use our cut-to-length lines to cut sheet metal into a variety of lengths, thicknesses, widths, and shapes to meet our customers’ needs. 

To ensure customer satisfaction, we take the necessary steps to produce exceptional results while maintaining a high production speed. Our machines have the technology to uncoil the desired material, flatten it, and cut it to the required length as it moves along the line with unmatched precision. Not only do our machines surpass industry standards, our highly trained and skilled operators behind them do as well, ensuring consistently satisfying results. By requesting the use of our cut-to-length services, customers will notice several benefits, such as: 

  • High productivity: Once the coils get fed into the machines, they continue to work until the material runs out, resulting also in lower material costs. 
  • Reduced material scrap waste: The desired material gets cut to the exact measurements, eliminating scrap while maximizing utilization of the coil.  
  • Streamlined material flow: Metal coils can be lined up to go straight through the line, where once it reaches the end, the machine stacks the fresh cut sheets for further processing.

With many cut-to-length lines for aluminum and stainless steel and a specialty metals cut-to-length line for brass and copper, Copper and Brass Sales is ready to provide the flat-roll processing services you need to reduce your production time. With cut-to-length processing lines strategically located across the US, we use our nationwide logistics system to deliver just-in-time to customers in wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, appliance, and electrical

We offer customers value-added flat roll processing services for stainless and aluminum coils from .010” to .250” thick and 6” through 72” wide. We also offer cut-to-length processing for copper and copper alloy coils from .010” to .125” thick.

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