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Materials North America

Copper and Brass Sales

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As a top supplier serving several industries in North America, we thrive in creating both standard and custom components. Our advanced capabilities involve using CNC-controlled equipment for punching, bending, and cutting. These components play a crucial role in assembling parts for various sectors, including electrical, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. Our fabrication centers in Canada efficiently produce and deliver parts just in time (JIT) to companies, spanning across the entire NAFTA region.

While our expertise has a historical focus on electrical industry products, we're also versatile. We fabricate components for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, and oil and gas.

Providing Top-Quality Fabricated Components for Electrical OEMs

thyssenkrupp Materials NA stands out as the premier choice for manufacturers of power distribution equipment, offering expertly fabricated copper and aluminum bus bar components, along with glass polyester barriers, supports, and standoffs. Our wide variety of in-house capabilities, including fabrication, slitting, and raw material storage, ensure that our customers can fulfill all their production requirements seamlessly. With multiple locations strategically positioned across all of North America, we guarantee timely delivery of your products to any location.

Dedicated to high-end electrical OEMs, thyssenkrupp Materials NA is staffed by industry professionals with extensive knowledge of OEM needs. Our customers can rely on our expertise in raw materials and manufacturing to provide tailored solutions for switchgear, switchboard, transformer, and other electrical distribution, protection, and power quality equipment requirements.

Our multiple manufacturing facilities are able to effectively produce both standard repetitive parts and fully engineered designs. Local warehousing allows for next-day delivery of parts, while larger, more intricate projects are typically delivered within 5-10 days.

We prvoide our customers with strong processing capabilities, including silver and tin electroplating, bus bar insulation, brazing, and assembly. Managed by highly experienced engineering groups equipped with advanced CAD/CAM tools, these services ensure both quality and speed.

Whether you need complex switchgear lineups, simple components, stock and release programs, reverse engineering of existing designs, or JIT programs, thyssenkrupp Materials NA has a solution. Contact us today to discover how we can support your requirements!

We operate on a JIT basis, delivering parts promptly to companies throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Our expertise encompasses the following capabilities: 

  • Copper, Aluminum, and Glastic Precision CNC Punching
  • Precision CNC Cutting using Water Jet, Routers, Precision Table, and Panel Saws
  • Machining and Milling of GP03 and Formex Materials
  • Assembly of Electrical Components in Small and Medium Sizes
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery for Custom Engineered and Fabricated Products
  • Comprehensive Stocking Inventory Programs from Raw Materials to Finished Goods
  • Kitting of Components for Subassembly
  • Programs for Containerizing Returnable Packaging

Additionally, we offer the following processes either in-house or readily available:

  • Electroplating with Silver, Tin, and Nickel
  • Installation of Bus Bars using Plastisol and Epoxy
  • Brazing and Welding Services