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Bronze Alloys

Bronze is an alloy that holds a prominent place in human history and continues to be valued for its exceptional properties and diverse applications. Composed primarily of copper and tin, with other elements occasionally added, bronze has been used for millennia in various cultures across the world. Renowned for its lustrous golden-brown hue, bronze offers superior strength, excellent durability, and resistance to corrosion. Its malleability and versatility in casting and shaping have made it an invaluable material for crafting intricate sculptures, decorative art pieces, and functional objects. Bronze's significance extends to weaponry, tools, musical instruments, and architectural elements, showcasing its enduring relevance in contemporary industries. Its ability to age gracefully and develop a characteristic patina over time adds to its allure, making bronze both a symbol of artistic expression and a practical choice for enduring creations.

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C623 aluminum bronze is a cast product known for good workability, corrosion and erosion resistance and good suitability for welding. It has low friction properties and is good for anti-galling situations. C623 has a 50% machinability rating and typical uses are marine hardware as well as aerospace bushings.

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C624 aluminum bronze is a cast product known for its good suitability for most methods of welding as well as hot forming capacity. Soldering is not recommended and only has a fair rating for brazing. C624 has a 50% machinability rating and typical applications are bolts, nuts, gears, and marine hardware.

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C630 aluminum nickel bronze is a special high strength copper alloy known for corrosion resistance, high strength, hardness, toughness, and good wear resistance. Most forms of welding are good, however oxyacetylene welding and soldering are not recommended. C630 is readily hot worked but cannot be cold worked due to rapid work hardening rate. C630 has a machinability rating of 30% and typical applications are valve parts, pump parts, bearings, bushings, nuts, bolts, and plumbing parts.

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C642 aluminum silicon bronze is an alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance and high strength. It is non-magnetic, has good fatigue and galling resistance, and boasts the highest machinability rating among bronzes and brasses. Ideal for various applications like studs, nuts, bolts, gears, and marine hardware, C642 is valued for its reliability in demanding engineering environments.

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C932 bearing bronze has an excellent machining rating of 70%, good hardness, strength, and wear resistance with excellent anti-friction qualities. This alloy has reasonable corrosion resistance to seawater and brine, making it suitable for pump and valve components. It can be easily soldered and brazed, though welding is not recommended. Typical applications are automotive fittings, bearings, bushings, washers, pumps, and machine parts.

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C954 aluminum bronze is a cast alloy with high strength, mid-range machinability rating of 60% and excellent resistance to corrosion. It can be heat treated to enhance its mechanical properties and to comply with more demanding applications. While not recommended for oxyacetylene welding, C954 can be joined using soldering, brazing, gas shielded and coated metal arc welding. Typical applications include bushings, bearings, gear parts, fasteners, marine hardware, welding guns and pump parts.


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